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The new and improved Lindell Auto Jigger jigs the line for you!

12-Volt powered – no need for batteries




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The new and improved Lindell Auto Jigger jigs the line for you!

  • Lindell Auto Jigger now has 2 LED lights. Green indicates power is on, Amber lights on jigging cycles.
  • Easy trip release
  • Jigging frequency from 1 to 60 seconds!
  • 12-Volt powered – no need for batteries

Note: If you have a Lindell Auto Jigger and it seems to be too loud to you please contact us. We have made some improvements that make them even quieter. We will do some upgrades to your Auto Jigger and return it to you ASAP. We will also include the new ring magnets for you free of charge.

Just send it to us and include $10 for shipping and handling. Call Clancy at (763) 291-8888. Leave a message if I am not able to answer. I will get back to you ASAP.

Barry’s own testimonial
We were shooting a fishing show on Red Lake last year and I actually had to turn the Lindell Auto Jigger off so I could help with cooking. It was working so well that one of our fishing buddies was even jigging in time with the Auto Jigger. It was hilarious… I was going to take a nap and had to shut it off then also. Just as I was falling asleep I would catch another 17 1/8″ walleye. I hate to complain but fishing is hard work and I just needed a break.

Barry Bailey, former owner of Lindell Ice Rigs

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