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At Lindell we are always innovating.  The “New and Improved” Lindell jigging machine has 2 LED lights.  The green indicates power is on and the amber lights up on jigging cycles.  The jig arm now has a ring magnet, so the magnets won’t fall off the beads!  Depending on the ice fishing bite, you can adjust your jigging frequency from 1 to 60 seconds.

Lindell Auto Jigger Directions

  1. Purchase 25-50 yards of Tip-up line and a length of 2-stranded 16-guage wire to connect your 12-volt battery to the Lindell Auto Jigger. A 12-volt adapter is available https://lindellicerigs.com/product/12-volt-adapter-for-auto-jigger
  2. Tie and spin the line on the reel.
  3. Secure Line Marker to Line.
  4. Insert line through the hole in the ring magnet.
  5. Repeat Step 3 with a second Line Marker.
  6. Use another Line Marker for a bobber stop.
  7. 4 Insert line through slip bobber.
  8. Tie a bar swivel or swivel snap to the end of the line.
  9. Attach 4 feet or more of monofilament line to the swivel or snap.
  10. Tie on your favorite hook or lure.
  11. Attach the 2-stranded electrical wire to the terminals behind the jigger and attach the other ends to your battery. Make sure the polarity is correct when hooking the ends to the battery.  In the alternative, you may purchase the 12-volt adapter at https://lindellicerigs.com/product/12-volt-adapter-for-auto-jigger or from your dealer.
  12. Make the final adjustments on the ice. Find the bottom with a clamp weight attached to your hook.  Pull the slack out of the line until it is tight.  At the water level, pull your line up to the desired fishing depth and set your bobber stop at that level (1 foot off the bottom is usually a good place to start).  Fine tune your bobber by adding split shot until only ¼ of your bobber is above the water.
  13. Adjust the Line Marker above the magnet so that the line is tight between the bobber and the release when it is attached to the jigger arm.  For lighter lures, attach the magnet on the plastic above the second bead on the jigger arm.
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