A must for every fish house!
Ice Rig

This new Lindell Ice Rig is a GLOW model which includes a wall bracket and handle for easy winding.

" New improved line tensioning eliminates free spooling when you have a big fish.
2 more O rings on front and back of spool for slight line tension that won't tighten too fast.

" Heavy-duty, durable plastic spool with adjustable swing arm

" Small, cut-glass beads inside spool alerts anglers to even the lightest bites The smoothest ice rig for winter fishing.

Made in the USA " No Spokes

" No Big Bells

" No Wingnuts

Reduces unwanted vibration down the line as the line feeds out.

Works great for small pan fish as well as large northerns.

Here are a couple of tips to remember when using your Lindell Ice Rig...

Tip 1: The revolution of the spool is 12" which makes setting your bait easy, whether fishing suspended fish or a foot off the bottom.

Tip 2: Great for fishing out on the open ice. Mount your Lindell Ice Rig inside your 6 gal. pail and use as a seat.

As you jig one line, your ice rig is right under you. This also keeps the ice from freezing so fast.

Remember, Chuck and Barry wouldn't have bought this rattle reel if it wasn't the best in the business and they have tried them all...


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