Rod Holder Now you can enjoy your time in the fishhouse even more. Our new rod holder makes multitasking your two fishing holes easier than ever. Using our rod holder allows you hands free fishing for one hole while you are jigging in another.

Rod HolderA superb balance for your rod will allow you to detect even the lightest bite without the fish feeling you holding the rod. Great for fishing with bobbers, deadsticking or jigging.

Each holder includes everything you need. Extra parts can be purchased separately.

Extra wall brackets available.
Extra D-rings and velcro available.

bucketYou can also use the rod holder minus the D-ring and velcro. Simply set the rod on the holder, it will balance naturally, and when you get a hit you can easily set the hook and reel up the big one.

Great for fishing out on the open ice. Mount your Lindell Ice Rig inside your pail on cold days so your hole won't freeze as fast. You will hear the line go out as you sit on the pail jigging your other line. On nicer days mount it on the outside of your pail for better visibility.

Rod Holder

The rod holder has other great uses!


A roll of paper towel fits perfectly on them. Just slip it in the existing wall bracket and put a roll of paper towels on it. (Great for fish houses, RV's, or in the workshop and even in the house.........My wife uses them to hang flowers on too!)



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